A collection of what I believe to be totally sick animation

'Lets mors de carpe' by the singular Lucrece Andreae. A beautifully crafted short featuring some of the freshest character design/animation I’ve seen in a long time. 

Russian animation collective Arctq17 bring us ‘The Serpent Princess’, their opening for the 19th Russian animation festival Suzdal 2014.

If this spot was the whole festival I wouldn’t even be mad.

HUGE amounts of style and humor in Simon Landrein’s ’HELF’. You wish you could pump gas with that much swag.

Nils Knoblich brings the classic Aesop fable to stop-mo, paper craft life with the beautiful ‘From Dad to Son’.

Debuting with their new site, Paris production, design and animation house ChezEddy released this (not fully SFW) beautiful video for ‘Sons’ by Concord. Directed by Alexis Beaumont and Rémi Godin, based on the art of Austin, Texas illustrator Jonny Negron.

'Solstice' a minute-and-a-half fantasy western is the passion project of Ed Skudder and Lynn Wang, who together make Furyoso.

Director Alastair McColl bring us ‘Bird World’, a beautiful and immersive study of the divisive nature of city living.

Amazingly clever magic eye video for Young Rivals killer track ‘Black is Good. Do yourself a favor and watch it in fullscreen HD.

Directed by Jared Raab


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